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A story from one of our users!

January 21, 2019

by Migo Staff

Migo Moment: A story from one of our users!

Viadoom, for those not from the Pacific North West, refers to the closure of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, an arterial roadway along the downtown Seattle waterfront. The closure is taxing Seattle's already stressed transportation infrastructure, causing headaches for many commuters. Here's a user's story about the time that Migo saved them from Viadoom.

I waited anxiously at the corner of 3rd & Bell for the 26 Express bus on my way to an 8:30 a.m doctor appointment. I should have had plenty of time, but, looking at the traffic around me, I became concerned that the bus was not going to be running on schedule today. I turned to my phone for confirmation and watched the delay time for my bus increase before my eyes. It started at 3 minutes delayed, then it jumped to 6 minutes, 8 minutes, and finally landed on 21 MINUTES DELAYED! The Viadoom struck again!

Suddenly, the $2.50 bus ride was no longer an option. I had a decision to make. It was now 8:20 a.m., and I needed to get around fast. Luckily, I had Migo and was able to quickly examine my options in one, simple spot.

I glanced at the app, noting the prices:

  • $16 Lyft - As a recent college grad, I’m on a budget, so that's out of the question
  • $14 Taxi - Ok, getting better
  • $2 Lime Bike - $2 looks great! Unfortunately, I’m too far to bike

And then A-HA! I had my Migo moment. I spotted a car2go parked just around the corner and realized that I could make the trip for only $6.


I hopped in and arrived at precisely 8:30 am.

Thank you Migo, you saved my life, and more importantly, my bank account!

Need help getting around during the closure? Take a look at this Seattle Times article to discover resources to help you get around Seattle or use Migo.

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