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With ride share companies, you're getting a ride from someone in their own car. Ride shares are a modern, easy, and affordable Migo option. Many services now offer pooling, which means the driver can pick up multiple customers along the route to reduce how much each party has to pay.

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Yellow Cab - A Migo provider partner

Yellow Cab Co.

The Northwest’s largest taxi fleet with 600 vehicles, Yellow Cab Co. serves King County, Seattle, and surrounding communities with a door-to-door taxi and package service.


Curb is a taxi app that connects you to fast, convenient, and safe rides in 65 cities in the US, including Seattle, WA, Washington, DC, and Dallas, TX.


Widely available in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, Zoro is one of the quickest ways to get a cab anytime, anywhere by providing a better taxi experience.


While it shares many features in common with traditional ride sharing networks, Flywheel works directly with taxi companies to offer an innovative take on hailing.

Radio Cab

Radio Cab has been around since 1946 and is one of Portland's largest taxi companies.

Migo FAQs

Why aren’t Uber and Lyft in the app?

Uber and Lyft have asked us to stop providing easy access to pricing and pick up times for our customers. Please go directly to Uber or Lyft to access their ride info.

How do ride share or taxis work differently than carshare, scooters, and bikes on Migo?

In Migo, you can easily connect to ride share and taxis with a few taps, but some carshare providers may require a drivers license and a registration wait time.

When will you be available in my town?

Migo is available throughout the US and Canada. We're adding new ride options all the time, but if you want to let us know what you'd like to see, email us.

What’s the cost to me to use Migo?

Migo is free!

When will an Android version of Migo be available?

We’re in beta right now and are expecting to release mid-2019.

Can I compare, hail, pay, and review all within the Migo app?

That's dependent on each ride partner. You can compare, hail, pay, and review within the Migo app for most of our ride partners. For others, you can compare and hail, but need to pay and review from within their app. The Migo app will prompt and direct you to the right spot - no matter what ride option you choose.

Is Migo for riders or drivers?

Migo is a rider app and is free to use.

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Our Team

Migo was launched by a group of savvy travel tech experts who saw how the power of travel search could revolutionize the world of on-demand transportation (also known as Mobility as a Service -- or MaaS). Their experience working with Kayak, Trivago, and TripAdvisor helped them understand how Migo could help people get from A to B more efficiently, cost-effectively, and, even better, help them discover exciting, fun, and helpful new options.

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